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Dueling Pianos Shows For Any Fun Occasion

KILLER KEYZ is the Top Rated Dueling Pianos Show in the country.  Racking up hundreds of hilarious, fun-filled, audience interactive events every year throughout the country transformed us into the leaders in high-energy  interactive event entertainment! 

HOW DOES IT WORK?  A dueling pianos show consists of two pianos and two musicians who sing and play songs directly from the guests request forms that we provide and  distribute just prior to the show .  What makes our Dueling Pianos Show unique and why our show remains the leader is industry is we only play your guests request and not a planned canned show - So no two shows are ever the same. 


Each customized show combines the musical effort of two extremely talented piano performers and singers, presenting an amazing quality of entertainment.  With nearly 3,000 all-request shows at a variety of popular venues, casinos, corporate events, hotels and conventions, as well as private parties.  Killer Keyz' client list includes many top corporations, conventions, hotels, and prominent individuals.  Our talented musicians tour regularly throughout the country all year long.


Hiring our Dueling Pianos Show is like hiring a live band, DJ, and comedians all in one!  The novelty of our show evolves around high-energy audience interactive, making your guests the stars of the show, so no two shows are ever the same. The audience makes the request, decides what we play, what we don't play, and sometimes what we stop playing.  That is all part of the fun.  We have played for just about everything imaginable: corporate parties, weddings, conventions,  birthdays, divorces, engagements, retirement parties, you name it!  You can easily persuade us to serenade someone special in your group or bring him or her up, front and center, for a fun dance lesson.  Our show can be easily customized to fill the needs of any special event.


The cost of our Dueling Pianos show is very reasonable.  In most cases, our Dueling Pianos Shows are far less expensive than hiring a live band.  Depending on the city of your event, it may be considerably less expensive.  Please contact us for a free quote on the cost.  We promise that we will never pressure you to book a show.


For events of any size, we will supply all necessary equipment required to produce the show.  The only item you may desire is a stage or risers, however, they are not always necessary or required for every performance. 


We pride ourselves in our flexibility to customize our performance and strictly adhere to the standards and preferences requested by our clients.

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